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Couture Runway week

Couture Runway week is best international level showcasing platform for couturiers held at New Delhi, India. It is an internationally acclaimed Luxurious fashion event and network for trade and fashion professionals of the country. We at CRW believe in providing the bliss that originates from dressing in superb materials and fabrics, let the creation of a unique and personal identity to be savored in solitude or in intimate company, as well as on the public stage.

Couture Runway Week (CRW) in its last 3 seasons has appeared as a universal podium that provides opportunity to the fashion couturiers & Startups to showcase their creativity & present to the market originality in designs. Couture Runway Week focuses on expansion, promotion and right trend to the couturiers for the destination fashion industry which is the fastest growing industry.

Couture Runway Week (CRW) welcomes members global fashion communities to come up in support of the spanking new design talent to encourage fashion industry dialogue and skill development. In previous seasons CRW have been graced by knowledgeable Designers , Emerging Designers & Newgen Designers , Well known brands, Popular media house, buyers, Respectable delegates, Bollywood Celebrities, influencers nonetheless people from across the fashion universe. Couture Runway Week has showcased fashion talent from all parts of Globe.

Couture Runway Week strongly promotes the fashion designers to take full advantage and increase their business value through improved prospects. It is a platform with professionalism that gives opportunity to couturiers and fashion start ups that have the enthusiasm to learn and innovate. With these ideas Global Fashion Federation does an effort to associate together designers from different traditions and culture.

Couture Runway Week is a 2 day convention has constructed the major opportunity for brands & Designers to associate with the people of repute from most popular trend destination Delhi.


To provide recognition especially for startups  budding couturiers & endorse India as leading Fashion Tourist destination among fashion enthusiasts across the globe and bring into limelight the efforts of upcoming startups and designers and their efforts.


To minimize the challenges for Fashion Startups and professionals. To bridge the gap between fashion professionals and the global market and highlight India as Fashion Hub for fashion lovers globally.

Global Fashion Federation

GFF is a special interest group for Indian fashion industry. The primary objective is to promote and establish Indian fashion as a cultural and economic asset for the country.

This is achieved through definite support for young Indian talent with a joint management of national activities, strengthening the awareness of Indian design at home and abroad. The awareness of Indian fashion and Indian designers has to be improved. International Market as well as National has to be interconnected with Indian fashion designers and startups.

As of now the group is constructing its set up by Promoting India as Fashion Tourist destination globally. GFF has vision to create a buzz among fashion enthusiasts across the globe and bring into their notice the upcoming designers and their efforts creativity the main focus is on trade values. The Organizations portfolio includes Fashion runway “Couture Runway Week” & Live Sessions named “Rendezvous” upcoming efforts include Online Multidesigner Portal, online and offline exhibitions, institutional and professional conclave, Assistance to Fashion startups, and many more. 

The Global Fashion Federation is the point of contact for Indian fashion design with the responsibility of the political, media, cultural and industrial lobby work.

Show Attractions

Enormous comprehension and proficiency of Designing is put together at one Ramp, CRW delivers a distinctive education to designers and upcoming talent by guiding them and supporting them whilst they prepare the range for display.

Institutional shows

CRW showcase the work of students from various parts countries, The students with best flair of designing shall be chosen by our panel of qualified jury on the basis of their ingenious feature.`

Better commercial prospects

CRW invites Clients and buyers from various parts of  country and abroad ; Our team connects with best players of the industry globally and try to cultivate new opportunities for the upcoming designers.

Designer focused Shows

CRW brings together the real meaning of all designers on common platform wherein senior designers become an inspiration for the upcoming designers and all put together contribute with their entity and creativeness and give the best designs to the industry.

B2C and B2B communications

Opportunity given to participating designers fashion line and products to customers and to engage with target audience and potential market directly even small enterprises to connect with bigger giants of the industry hence developing business opportunities.

Media & Promotions

Couture Runway  Week Through the power of social media, the once private, industry-only event has become a global cultural moment, attracting not only industry insiders, but also end consumers. To garner both audience and media attention, fashion experience has extended beyond the traditional runway, aiming to convey the brand philosophy while creating an engaging, entertaining experience that translates into sales. This continuous diversification has made CRW much more inclusive and consumer-focused, yet with an increasingly saturated market it has become more difficult for brands to build brand resonance and emerge through the crowd..We associate with digitally equipped people bloggers and online portals and experts who promote participating designers at their platforms hence generating better business

Planned utmost Wisdom

Enormous comprehension and proficiency of Designing is put together at one Ramp, CRW delivers a distinctive education to designers and upcoming talent by guiding them and supporting them whilst they prepare the range for display.